New medical clinic and pharmacy coming to Morinville

Smiling pharmacist and indian pharmacy technician posing in drugstore

by Scott Jendruck from Trade Developments

Almost two years after the 100 Block West Development broke ground, Scott Jendruck, President and Managing Partner of Trade Developments Inc. brought the news that a new family medical clinic and pharmacy would be the anchor tenant for the new building. Jendruck told attendees at the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce’s Mar. 2 meeting that Morinville Family Medical Clinic and Morinville Family Pharmacy would open this spring.

The new walk-in clinic and pharmacy, operated by Alberta Medical Professionals, will occupy approximately 3500 square feet, or about 30 per cent of the 10,800 square feet of commercial space in the 100 Block West development on 100 Avenue.

“Morinville’s in for a bit of a treat in terms of their level of service,” Jendruck said, adding the clinic/pharmacy is presently under construction and that the owners may attend a future Chamber luncheon closer to opening. “I know they’re very excited to be here in Morinville.”

In a media scrum after the luncheon, Jendruck said getting the clinic here was a bit of a two-way street between his company and the owners of the clinic/pharmacy.

“I was active in the Edmonton area looking to fill this need in Morinville,” he said. “We saw a good fit with our project – 100 Block West – and they saw the need as well.”

Chamber President Simon Boersma prefaced Jendruck’s announcement by mentioning a letter to the editor he had written as president in the summer of 2013 identifying a need for more doctors in the area. That letter identified a forthcoming six-step program to get more doctors.

Jendruck noted the Chamber identifying a need for more medical services; however, Boersma said the Chamber played no direct role in bringing the clinic to town.

“I wanted to personally be involved with the whole aspect,” Boersma said. “I as a business owner was actually looking at coming into the building myself, but couldn’t make it happen. I wanted to see this [clinic] happening within our community. I told them – go ahead – get whoever we need and went out for looking. We as a Chamber didn’t look. I went out looking personally, and Scott found this [business], and this is a need.”

With 30 per cent of the commercial space now occupied, Jendruck said the building can accommodate between two and four more bays, depending on the space requirements of prospective tenants.

“We are looking for good fits with our 50-plus demographic,” Jendruck said, referring to the 50-plus residential units on the upper floors.